Nicky's Notes

IMG_3509 22.01.2017

Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Donald Trump and Beethoven

I have to admit, I thought of Trump during last night’s Beethoven concerto with the fantastic Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Joseph Swensen – but it made me try to play all that joy & beauty so ferociously. Beethoven knew and cared a lot about his social and political environment – it was hard for him […]


image 19.11.2016

Working with In Harmony, Sistema England

Nicky recently worked with In Harmony Liverpool , Sistema England. Playing for children in nursery, Yr 1, Yr 2 and Yr 3, illustrating the violin and answering lots of questions. Below are a couple of images from a very enjoyable day  


14591762_10153926756538365_8927155359573992144_n 04.10.2016

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Music School of Douglas Academy.

“Today’s experience playing with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotlandstudents today was moving, insightful & sensitive. So so proud of you all!”


14492385_10153914210153365_5444208000384403244_n 30.09.2016

Scotland from the Air

A beautiful photo of Scotland from the air. Returning home with Leonard Elschenbroich and Alexei Grynyuk to perform at the Cumnock Tryst.


image 19.07.2016

Minneapolis and the Majestic Mississippi

‘Allow me to share a few personal snapshots from this week in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had the pleasure of playing with the incredible Minnesota Orchestra, Andrew Litton and Leonard Elschenbroich. The musicians were kind, warm and communicative and the halls packed full four nights in a row. We played the music of two German giants […]


image 09.05.2016

Three countries five days.

It’s been a marathon of Vivaldi with the wonderful Scottish Ensemble the past few days, performing a variety of concertos in Edinburgh Scotland, Aix-en-Provence, France and Istanbul, Turkey – but here is a clip of the most famous one – no need to spell it out! Enjoy!