Nicky's Notes


Statement: Edinburgh Music School Closure

It seems that Edinburgh Council has abandoned its plan to close the City of Edinburgh Music School. This is the only acceptable outcome to what was a shocking proposal to begin with. Young musicians need specialised support, and being around likeminded creative minds is extremely important. Being a great musician requires a very unusual level of consistent discipline at a very young age, and not all school environments are conducive to maintaining this type of focus. For the future of musicians in Scotland, this school must be supported into the future.

We all need a little bit of magic and beauty in our lives – great musicians, people who have dedicated their lives to doing the seemingly impossible, can provide this.
These students, excelling in this field, have the potential to deliver uplift and beauty to their societies. Continued support for the arts in general is an investment in the health of the country. It’s always shortsighted to cut support for it, and a mistake we eventually pay for. I’m pleased to see the right call being made this time.