MiSST Strings Workshop London 2017

Over the course of three days from 21 – 23 September 2017
Nicky participated in an intensive strings workshop at Highbury Grove School in Islington with the Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST)

The aims of the workshop were as follows

• To raise the standard of string playing
• To develop further the skills of ensemble / orchestral playing
• To learn more about being a professional musician
• To have fun and enjoy the time

Day 1 and Day 2 focused on strings and were aimed at string players who have reached a Grade 3 standard in any of the 9 MiSST secondary schools. A number of guest string players from the English Schools Orchestra worked side by side with the MiSST orchestra .

Day 3 In addition to the strings, brass and woodwind players from the MiSST orchestra attended

The students worked on Beethoven No.5 and Correlli La Foila through a combination of sectional rehearsals and technical teaching. They also worked on developing their listening skills and took part in Q and A discussion sessions with Nicky and fellow teachers.

Nicola would like to thank all at MiSST and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

Bob Pepper Conductor and Musical Director – English Schools Orchestra
Jonathan Gibson Cello specialist
Ruth Cohen Viola specialist
Truda White

The photos below show just a snapshot of a very productive and rewarding few days.