Homecoming – A Scottish Fantasy

Released on 07.07.2014

“This recording is deeply personal. It’s not often that a classical musician from Scotland has the good fortune of playing music from home, an opportunity I have greatly cherished over the last six months.”

1. Scottish Fantasy Introduction
2. Scottish Fantasy Scherzo
3. Scottish Fantasy Andante Sostenuto
4. Scottish Fantasy Finale
5. Ae Fond Kiss
6. Auld Lang Syne Variations
7. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
8. Spey in Spate and The Hurricane
9. Dean Brig o Edinburgh and Banks Hornpipe
10. Aberlady
11. Mouth Music and Tunes set
12. The Gentle Light That Wakes Me
13. Coisich a Ruin
14. Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond
15. Ashokan Farewell
16. Chan e Caoidh Mhic Shiridh